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Raw, Natural, Organic Skin Care for Your Face

In order to learn about what organic facial products are available in the marketplace, one must first understand why we would need to purchase organic products in the first place. For instance, the human body is a living and breathing material that protects our insides and it has the ability to absorb substances that are applied to the outer layer, such as creams or oils. This brings concerns over a period of time as to what chemicals are then swallowed up by the tissue and deposited into the bloodstream over time, along with what are the possible long term effects. Cosmetics have been known to contain chemicals which are irritants and carcinogens.
Natural organic cosmetics or facial products are healthier and much safer to use especially since they are composed of all natural ingredients. Many skin problems such as acne, dermatitis and skin allergies start to clear once synthetic facial products are no longer being used and using all natural organic products can promote a healthier more glowing skin. This article will give you some great examples of good sources of all natural organic facial skin care products and where to find them.

1 Grahams Natural has been in business for 16 years & have been supplying natural skin care products to across the world starting in Australia! They are most known for their natural products for eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, this is their best cream to get rid of eczema here!

2. Jurlique has been in business since 1985 and has a plant based beauty product regimen. The Biodynamic Line or Purely Age-Defying Line doesn’t contain any mineral oils, parabens, fragrances or any other additives. Most of their facial line is approximately 30 dollars per product

3. Dr. Hauschka’s Skin Care products is all about a holistic view of well-being. Every mineral and plant is carefully selected for the way that it will interact with each other and even the packaging is Eco-friendly in nature. This whole process ensures that the products will stay free of any artificial preservatives or contamination. The products are in the upwards of approximately 50 dollars

4. Lavera has been awarded #1 on safety by an influential consumer magazine in Germany and has been certified by the BDIH in Germany that its products are natural and organic. All of the products from Lavera range approximately 20 to 25 dollars in price.

5. Eminence Organic Line of skin care includes an exquisite product line with fruit pulps and herbs. This product is usually only delivered to salons and spas for application.

6. Juice is a product brand line that is formulated from claims of the most purest ingredients including honey, plant oils, cane sugar and aloe vera. They are always offering web specials and have a vast line of products including products well liked by men.

7. Avon also has a product line that has some natural ingredients and I guess I am kind of partial to their line considering I have always found Avon to be extremely affordable and always up to date on all the latest skin care product trends. Case in point they have a natural line called Planet Spa and while not totally organic it does have natural oils and plant extracts that range from hair to skin products.

As a nurse I guess ultimately I would have to agree that overtime data would probably show that if you used anything in excess which that does include products for hair, skin, or whatever, you most likely would get a reaction. The only thing I would say in response to that, is that could be said about anything and some people can take their fear to an extreme. For example I love bacon, but I don’t plan to stop eating it simply because bacon has been proven to be bad for your health in many ways, including now they say it has been linked to damaging lung functions.

Basically natural organic products are great chemical free products to utilize, especially for those with sensitivities to irritants and fragrances that are contained in many of the standard OTC products that are presently available. I love the usage of raw materials that nature provides vs. the synthetic petroleum based type in which some have been found to contain a cancer causing chemical. Makes a lot of sense to me, how does it sound to you?

Needless to say I am glad the options are there for us to choose from.

Develop Into A Beauty Expert With This Specific Info

Dropping into a beauty program might seem harsh, but it can be aesthetic enjoyment if you understand just what you’re doing. You may harm your look if you should be unsure of what you ought to be doing. Don’t worry, the methods given below can help you prevent this.

In regards to beauty, a terrific idea will be to not overdue the makeup. Quite often novices are likely to put on a lot of as such create themselves appear worse and constitute. Use makeup, and you should discover you’ll turn people minds everywhere you get.

Steam see your face. By placing your face having a towel over your head over a warm bowl of water you certainly can do this. This may open your pores and draw out bacteria and toxins. That person needs to clean, then so you close your pores back up wash it with cold water.

To provide your channel to extended-size hair a fast increase of volume in the morning, turn your mind ugly, then employ a Sprayon solution like mousse or serum to incorporate quantity. Aim for the sources scrunches your hair in edges and the crown. Turn right-side up, then utilize your hands to clean the most efficient coating.

Find by committing time planning the skin before implementing the merchandise, a level, natural looking spray tan. For best benefits, don’t cut or employ any kinds of hair treatment your day you want to color. Exfoliating your skin layer for many nights beforehand will even help you attain streak effects that are free. Some great products you can find here:

A ” warm spray ” is a sound investment should you desire to safeguard your hair from the harsh temperature of hair dryers. Such products assist hair in guarding against split ends and drying faster. They are available at malls or pharmacies. It works by keeping moisture within your hair, as well as smells good!

In place of implementing false eyelashes that may fall off sometime throughout the day, utilize an eyelash curler. Your lashes upwards will be curled by an eyelash curler and from the attention, making your eyes seem larger. Make certain before applying mascara; you take advantage of the roller.

Often use a heat protectant spray to your hair before employing hairdryer, flat iron or a curling iron. Heat may damage your hair, making it dry, crisp and filled with split ends. Much like their title indicates, heat protectant sprays cover your hair to guard it in the heat. This enables it to stay clean, sleek and bright irrespective of how you elect to model your hair.

Concentrate on your eyebrows, when you have time for nothing else. Occasionally you might not have time for you to do your makeup. This is wonderful. However, if you still want to draw a search try focusing on your brows. Design them, clean them and become sure to complete them in. Browse in many cases are your face’s concentration.

While you today recognize, beauty programs could be straightforward and exciting. Once you view results, once you know the different practices, it will be worth every penny. The tips mentioned previously should enable you to apply and generate your personal beauty regime.

How to Get Rid of Head Lice

How do you treat for head lice?

Getting rid of head lice is a three-step process.

  1. You must kill all of the live head lice
  2. You must check for and remove all nits by combing and manually nit picking
  3. You must clean your home

Kill Head Lice
The only known way to kill head lice is to follow a simple 3 step program. This is where you need to decide which program you intend to follow. It is either a shampoo recommended by the chemist, or a home remedy like the Head Lice Olive Oil Treatment. This has to be a simple 3 step process which you MUST follow, or you will have head lice in your family for weeks to come.

If you fail to follow a simple process this will take you weeks if not months to clear your child. Make sure you Do NOT send your child to school with head lice, and make sure you DO ring and inform the school that your child has head lice. It may not sound nice, but there is nothing worse than sending him or her back and within a day they have them again.

Obviously someone else at school has them in his class or group of friends and is spreading them out to everyone else.

Combing and Manual Nit Picking
This is a job that must be done once you have shampooed or carried out the Olive Oil treatment. Failure to look and check for nits, and to use a good quality nit comb will ensure you have nits and head lice in your house until this job is completed.

Nits will NOT wash off. They stick to the base of a hair like glue, and will NOT die from the use of the shampoo. You do need to do a proper check of your childs hair to ensure it is clean and nit free. Make sure to also use a moisturising conditioner for your childs hair!

Cleaning Your Home
Yes you do need to clean your home, especially the area where your child has been, lives and sleeps. This means all bedding either washed and dried, or placed in a hot tumble dryer for a minimum of 20 minutes until any head lice have roasted. Head lice do not like heat, so this is a great way of killing them.

Make sure you place any used jackets and other clothing into a timble dryer as well as they can live on this clothing for 24 hours without feeding.

Catching The Head Lice

Knowing that your child has head lice and removing them needs to be done in a set way. Once you have done an inspection of the scalp and confirmed that your child has nits attached to the hair stems you need to begin the head cleaning process.

Finding live lice can be difficult since the climbers move away quickly from disturbances in the hair, and they are very difficult to see.

An easy way to find the climbers is to use either Olive Oil or Conditioner with a good quality nit comb.


How To Recognize Exercise-Induced Symptoms Of Asthma with Lotions!

Training and sports activities that necessitate steady exercise, particularly operating and cold-weather actions, can induce asthmatic warning signs. Exercise-induced asthma influences about 17 million People in the usa, many of which are children.

Signs and symptoms contain coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, breathing difficulty and shortness of breath. Young people with exercise-induced asthma often begin to practical experience signs 5 to twenty minutes just after they commence to workout.

Recognizing exercise-induced asthma as part of your youngster can be tricky since signs or symptoms usually consider a delicate type. Your kid might complain that he can not run as promptly as associates or might express a dislike for sports activities. Steering clear of sports or bodily activity limits high quality of life for some young people and may cause challenges with fellow college students and small self-esteem.

Sports that may well act as triggers for exercise-induced asthma consist of soccer, basketball, area hockey, long-distance working, cross-country skiing and hockey.

There is no remedy for exercise-induced asthma,” mentioned Dr. Michael Kaliner, health care director of your Institute for Asthma and Allergy in Chevy Chase, Md. “But by stopping irritation, you’ll be able to productively minimize the odds of acquiring an asthmatic attack.”

It is very important for kids to acquire correct prognosis and treatment method.

“For young people 5 many years and older, a single choice is Intal,” Kaliner stated. “It operates by avoiding sure cells from releasing substances that may perhaps induce irritation within the air passages. It is very important to notice that Intal really should be employed just before engaging in exercising, as it can’t deal with acute asthma attacks.”

Additionally it is a superb strategy to supply your child’s health and fitness center instructor or coach with published instructions, together with:

* The nature and severity on the exercise-induced asthma

* Which medicines are made use of to avoid it and how to make use of them

* Strategies in order to avoid exercise-induced asthma, like a adequate warm-up period

* Warning signs when your little one is going through an asthma attack

*Always using a natural moisturising lotion on the skin to help with dry skin

With best suited management, most children can exercise and complete to their full power.

The most typical side effects from Intal treatment in controlled clinical scientific tests had been throat irritation or dryness, unpleasant style, cough, wheeze and nausea. Intal Inhaler shouldn’t be used in patients who have demonstrated hypersensitivity to cromolyn sodium or other substances in this particular item. Intal has no role from the therapy of an acute asthma attack.

natural soap image

Making All Natural Bath Bombs, Lip Balms, Hand Lotions, & Bath Soaps

Handcrafted soaps made with the best all natural ingredients are just the thing to make your every bath time a delightfully relaxing time.

Many of the soaps and lotions you buy in retail stores are made with damaging chemicals and other harmful compounds, like sulfates and phthalates. Many of these chemicals have been used in industrial environments as cleansers, coatings, and plastic emulsifying agents. Phthalates in particular have been connected to damaging changes in hormone levels, cancer, and birth defects. Sulfates have been used in the past to dissolve metal and clean chlorinated pools. These things have no place on your skin, yet despite the rising awareness of their harmful properties, many caustic chemicals continue to be packaged in mass produced soaps, lotions, and body butters by taking advantage of loopholes in government regulations.

Lots of soaps claim to be made from all natural ingredients, but many manufacturers have a loose definition of what “all natural” actually means. At Homemade Soaps For Sale, that definition is one that never changes and serves as the backbone for the company’s mission to bring you the very best hand made soap for sale that you can buy, indulge in, and love as it works it’s magic to leave your skin flawless and hydrated all day long.

These fine handcrafted soaps, hand lotions, body butters, bath bombs, and lotion bars are vegan and free of animal byproducts. Olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and avocado oil have long been known for their beneficial skincare properties and are created by Mother Nature out in the wild, not by chemists in some lab.

Olive oil is a documented deep penetrating moisturizer that is rich in anti-inflammatory agents, omega-3 fatty acids, and healthy antioxidants that promote the healing of dry, flaking, and damaged skin.

natural soap image

Shea butter is extracted from the African shea tree, also known as a vitellaria tree. It has been used in moisturizers and cosmetics for ages due to its well known conditioning and protecting properties. You’ll find it in many sunscreens and lip balms as it is known to absorb harmful UV rays and prevent sunburn, wrinkles, dryness, and other sun damage.

Avocado oil is another naturally occurring moisturizer, derived from the very same avocado fruit that is a primary ingredient in guacamole. In addition to its moisturizing property, avocado oil has the added benefit of being a regenerative oil, contributing to the reduction of visible skin damage caused by sun, age, and scarring. We found that the best natural soap is from Grahams Natural, they have such amazing ingredients.

Cocoa butter is an extract of the cocoa bean and as such, features a pleasantly sweet scent. The stability of cocoa butter’s chemical makeup gives products utilizing the moisturizing fat a long shelf life. Cocoa butter has been known to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and prevent the development of them during pregnancy.

While many of these all natural ingredients feature pleasant scents of their own, hand crafted soaps are available in a variety of pleasant scents, from the classic Cherry Almond to the refreshing floral of Southern Belle. Different scents are created through the use of natural essential oils—never chemicals.

In addition to a selection of luscious soaps, all natural ingredients are utilized in creamy, velvety hand made body lotions and butters, ideal for application following a bath with all natural handcrafted soaps. Jojoba oil and sweet almond oil penetrates deep to moisturize skin and heal damage at the source. Jojoba oil is native to the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico and once promoted as an alternative to the more costly and eventually banned whale oil, it was eventually discovered to be a far superior moisturizer and an essential ingredient in any effective hand or body lotion.

Body butters are formulated to be thicker than traditional hand lotions and are ideal components in the treatment and prevention of dry skin, particularly in those prone to damage areas like elbows, knees, and feet. The thicker formula gets deep into the cracks and damage in your skin to moisturize the areas that need it most.

Bath bombs are a fun addition to any soak, coloring the water and adding the invigorating scent of tart fruit or fresh cut flowers. Handmade bath bombs are created with a blend of citric acid, essential oils, and gently moisturizing cocoa butter. Fizzy bath bombs make great gifts with their array of eye catching colors and whimsical round shape. While their fun reaction is the result of water interacting with catalytic ingredients, rest assured that all natural, handmade bath bombs are made without the harmful chemicals that turn bathwater toxic.

Hand made lotion bars are crafted with the same beneficial ingredients as all natural handmade soaps—olive oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter—but with a few more beneficial ingredients for that extra moisturizing kick your skin deserves. Sweet almond oil moisturizes deep down. Beeswax offers unparalleled natural protection from sun, wind, and cold damage.

By making all natural handcrafted soaps and lotions a regular part of your beauty regimen, your skin will flourish from the inherent qualities of ingredients that occur naturally in the wild. The benefits of these materials have been proven time and again through the ages, with evidence of olive oil, beeswax, and shea butter being utilized by civilizations as far back as ancient times for their healing, moisturizing, and protecting traits. These natural oils and butters have withstood the test of time, unlike their factory made alternatives, which are routinely pulled from shelves and reformulated after their hidden damage is revealed. While some damage is moderate– a rash here or an acne breakout there– history is littered with examples of cosmetics, cleansers, and other beauty supplies that caused more harm than good with their elaborate chemical compositions. Keep it simple with handmade soups, made with ingredients you can pronounce, whose benefits have been illustrated time and time again.

Treating eczema naturally

Top Remedies for Eczema | Eczema Home & Natural Remedies

If you suffer from eczema, you need and wish to look for relief. You may select expensive over-the-counter products or try prescriptions recommended by the doctor. These may work, along with discount natural solutions to protect against eczema. Luckily, there are various natural options which may have highly effective for treating eczema, 5 ones are outlined below.

Keep in mind that your primary goal would be to produce a stronger body’s defence mechanism. Your body wont be capable of fight Eczema rashes as well as other diseases, whether it lacks the essential nutrients to accomplish this. Increase your intake of fibre we are not green and leafy vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and whole grain products. Soluble fibre keeps your glucose levels and cholesterol down, while insoluble fibre promotes healthy bowel movement.

Far infra-red saunas penetrate deeply within the skin and to the muscle tissues. Healing sets out to occur while using increased body’s temperature that far infra-red saunas cause. As a result, the entire body cools itself with the sweat glands and rids itself of some toxins. Skin cells regenerate very quickly. Your body will generate new skin cells every round the clock. This is the reason a lot of people promote ex-foliating products for skin renewal. Saunas assistance in the regeneration of skin cells using the increased circulation of blood. With improved blood flow and toxin removal, your eczema and skin will improve greatly.

Although Dyshidrotic Eczema isn’t contagious, it is often observed to acquire worse in hot and humid weather. The likelihood of recurrent symptoms can be quite high when a person develops Dyshidrotic Eczema. Its symptoms may subside for a short time with good care. However, recurrent episodes are typical. Some people might experience persistent symptoms. In fact, 1 from 5 folks have were not impressed with chronic dyshidrotic Eczema.

eczema creams

Dyshidrosis eczema is a eczema the location where the uppermost layer of your skin is irritated. The word “dyhidrosis” was based on the phrase “dyshidrotic” that has madness “bad sweating.” This is simply because so it was originally belief that dyshidrosis eczema is the effect of a great deal of sweating. However, hyperhidrosis as being a cause was later discredited because many individuals who had dyshidrosis eczema wouldn’t experience sweating beyond normal.

When the eczema generally seems to like small blisters and it is on hands or feet or both, it truly is known as dyshidrosis or dyshidrotic eczema. It is a severe and recurring inflammation in the feet and hands. The term dyshidrotic literally means bad sweating that was long considered to be explanation for this problem but continuous to be unproven.

Yoghurt also plays a crucial role in Dyshidrotic eczema treatment. since, it contain probiotics, it assists in retaining the natural moisture of the skin as well as replenish the amount of good bacteria which can be destroy by utilizing improper diet and certain malpractices. Including yoghurt as part of your regular diet may lower the anguish and itchiness. A lot of you body requires to replenish the lost moisture, additionally, it really is advised to obtain at the very least 8-10 glasses daily to keep one’s body hydrated.

Now, OK, I’ll start by suggesting that in case you have not been in your doctor and also have not told they have eczema, you need to seek the advice of a healthcare professional straight away. If you currently have problems with eczema, you currently know how painful your skin layer disorder may be. It is a disorder that’s in the same way common in kids as it’s adults, and a lot of individuals do not realize exactly how common eczema is. It can also affect babies & children with eczema, however common OTC drugs are not suitable for people at such a young age, we would suggest a natural baby eczema cream from Grahams Natural. It is the best product on the market for treating dry skin problems in children.

The internal cures start with adding certain vitamin supplements on your daily regime. Some people believe that eczema appears when you have a vitamin B12 deficiency. The use of fish-oil or even the addition of foods full of Omega 3 essential fatty acids is needed to further improve your defence mechanisms. It can also slow up the inflammation brought on by the eczema.

Heartburn Home Remedies – Try these now!

Heartburn property remedies really are a particularly successful strategy for treating the pain and discomfort of acid reflux. It is possible to use medication but they are able to have serious negative effects that are frequent but rather avoidable. For more scientific information on heartburn read this:

Heartburn, also recognized as acid reflux, can be a agonizing condition that may be occasional or continuous, based on the severity of the illness. It truly is brought on by a weak stomach valve. Normally, your abdomen valve opens for meals to go in, and then closes tightly and immediately following meals enters the abdomen, keeping it snugly in there.

Once the valve is weak, it enables foods and tummy acid to escape the belly and go up to the throat, esophagus, and sinuses. You’ll be able to often flavor the acid within the back again of the throat, as it is going to taste extremely like orange juice, and it may trigger your ears to harm and your sinuses to operate.

Everybody who has endured from acid reflux understands just how badly it can hurt. Aside from the pain, untreated reflux can cause lengthy expression damage for the tissues inside your throat. Obviously this really is something you ought to stay away from.

When heartburn is at its worst, it could cause significant pain just behind your breastbone. This discomfort could be very debilitating. Fortunately, you will find some really efficient heartburn home remedies that operate greater than a lot of more than the counter medications.

heartburn diagram

1. Ginger–Ginger is a superb herb for numerous functions, but is very useful in as being a heartburn home treatment. It could settle your belly if it’s upset and will remedy nausea. You are able to take ginger in the type of capsules, tinctures, teas, and even ginger ale with actual ginger.

2. Baking soda–This is a superb heartburn house remedy, but you are able to rupture your abdomen with it if you are not cautious, so use caution. Never consider baking soda on the full stomach. If it’s been many hrs because you’ve eaten, obtain a box of baking soda and study the side of the box. It will contain a recipe for an antacid. Blend up the antacid based on the directions and consider it. You will feel relief within just several minutes and it will haven’t any negative effects.

3. Water–Just consuming some water can be a fantastic remedy for heartburn. Actually, not drinking sufficient of it may Trigger heartburn! In case you create a sudden case of it, just drink a full glass of drinking water for quick relief. Try drinking h2o which is space temperature or somewhat warm for finest results.

These heartburn home remedies genuinely do function and therefore are extremely efficient for heartburn and acid reflux that comes on once inside a while, specifically if you do not want to consider medicines that could have unwanted effects. Try these and expertise real relief ASAP. For far more wonderful facts and resources on cause heartburn and heartburn relief visit our website nowadays.

Studies Suggest Many Health Benefits from This Delicious Fruit

I love blueberries! This tiny fruit is one that deserves a lot of respect! First, it is a delicious fruit just by itself! I prefer to eat this fruit all by itself, and in fact, I will discuss why you may not want to add it to your yogurt, your dairy or nut milks, etc. a little later. I will explain share some fun facts, what some of the research studies have revealed and what makes them so powerful, how you may want to try to include more in your diet, plus a couple of videos.


Fun Facts About This Tiny Blue Fruit

The blueberry…

  • is the official state fruit of New Jersey
  • is the official berry of Nova Scotia
  • is the second most popular berry in the United States (after strawberry)
  • has been commercially produced in North America only since early in the 20th century

90% of the world’s blueberry production is from North America, with 25% of the production being from Maine. If all of the these berries produced in one year here in North America were to be spread out in a single layer, they would cover a four-lane highway from New York to Chicago!

While these are fun facts, it really is amazing when you learn of the other amazing properties of this tiny, dark-blue fruit. Let me explain in more detail.

What Does the Research Show?

This University of Michigan study suggests that a diet inclusive of blueberries (freeze-dried and ground into a powder) may help prevent the conditions that can lead to diabetes and may help to eliminate belly fat.

This was a 90-day study performed on a species of rat that is normally severely overweight. They were split into two groups – one on a low-fat diet and one on a high-fat diet. These two groups were fed a diet of the powder mixed in with their diet (as 2% of their total diet), and there was a control group of rats being fed no powder.

While there was evidence that this diet did reduce the risks of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease, there were greater health benefits evidenced in the rats fed the low-fat diet.

The rats that consumed the low-fat diet showed many positive signs of benefit, including lower cholesterol, lower triglycerides, decreased abdominal fat, lower body weight, lower total fat mass, and evidence of a reduction in their liver mass.

Many Americans today are suffering from metabolic syndrome, which results from eating a high fat diet and will cause obesity. Metabolic syndrome (also known as Syndrome X) is classified as a group of body symptoms such as elevated blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, excess abdominal fat, and high blood sugar. These combine for a triple threat of elevated risk of diabetes, heart attack, and stroke.

While the findings from this study are very promising, there will need to be further research in the future.

In another very small study performed at the University of Cincinnati, results showed an improvement in memory as evidenced with two memory tests. These 16 elderly participants (average age of 78) were selected due to their age-related cognitive impairment. Nine of the participants were asked to drink two cups of 100% wild blueberry juice for the duration of 12 weeks, while the control group of seven participants were given a placebo beverage with no juice for the same 12 weeks.

The juice drinkers showed improved performance on two memory tests by the end of the 12 weeks. Even better – they did not gain any weight!

Yet another study in New Zealand in 2009 showed that polyphenols from the blueberry in vitro suppressed muscle cell damage resultant from oxidative stress. This does suggest that active compounds in the fruit may help to alleviate muscle cell damage as a result of exercise.

“In our study, blueberry fruits were suggested as good candidates to combat muscle oxidative damage although further investigations especially at an in vivo level are needed,” wrote the researchers, led by Dr Roger Hurst from New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research.

Of course, this does need to be tested further in vivo, as the in vitro tests do not take into consideration the bio-availability of the compounds in the fruits when consumed. “Much further research using human intervention studies is warranted to fully understand the implication of the findings reported here with our in vitro evaluations,” wrote the researchers. “Bioavailability concerns also make it difficult to evaluate if the doses used in this and many other published in vitro studies are appropriate.”

What Makes Them So Powerful?

The active polyphenol antioxidants in the berry is likely responsible for it’s benefits. Polyphenols are a certain group of chemical substances that are present in plants, and are characterized by the presence of more than one building block (phenol) per molecule. Some types of polyphenols you may have heard of are tannins, lignins, and flavanoids. Flavanoids consist of thousands of compounds, including isoflavanoids, flavonols, flavones, anthocyanidins, and catechins, to name a few.

It is these polyphenols found in higher concentrations in the skins of certain fruits and vegetables that are present in berries, cacao, coffee beans, yerba mate, grapes/wine, olive oil, other fruits and vegetables.

One of these polyphenols, anthocyanins, which provide the rich color of the fruit or vegetable. The blueberry is fairly high in anthocyanins at a range of 110 to 260 mg per 100 grams. Click here for the full report.

Eat Those Blueberries!

I am now including at least one serving per day of blueberries in my diet, along with an assortment of other foods rich in polyphenols. Of course, it is easy to get plenty of these berries during the summer, and be sure to eat only organic, as these are highly treated with pesticides and herbicides. Check out there nutrition data here:

During the winter months, you can purchase these frozen (no sugar added) – be sure to check that the berries move freely in the freezer bag before purchasing as this ensures they were never thawed and re-frozen.

Another way I am going to ensure we are getting enough of these in our diet is to experiment with an organic dried wild blueberry powder that can be purchased at many online stores. I will try to make juice with this and consume it just plain.

I used to consume them in my morning yogurt or nut milk smoothie, but I have read that the protein in the yogurt, dairy, or nut milks may interfere with the antioxidant benefit of the fruit. Since reading about this here, I have been eating my blueberries completely solo or with other fruits in a salad. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that you eat blueberries either one hour before or two hours after consumption of protein.

I hope you have learned enough to understand the possible health benefits of this powerful fruit, as well as a few fun facts! You may also want to check out the videos below for additional information.