Raw, Natural, Organic Skin Care for Your Face

In order to learn about what organic facial products are available in the marketplace, one must first understand why we would need to purchase organic products in the first place. For instance, the human body is a living and breathing material that protects our insides and it has the ability to absorb substances that are applied to the outer layer, such as creams or oils. This brings concerns over a period of time as to what chemicals are then swallowed up by the tissue and deposited into the bloodstream over time, along with what are the possible long term effects. Cosmetics have been known to contain chemicals which are irritants and carcinogens.
Natural organic cosmetics or facial products are healthier and much safer to use especially since they are composed of all natural ingredients. Many skin problems such as acne, dermatitis and skin allergies start to clear once synthetic facial products are no longer being used and using all natural organic products can promote a healthier more glowing skin. This article will give you some great examples of good sources of all natural organic facial skin care products and where to find them.

1 Grahams Natural has been in business for 16 years & have been supplying natural skin care products to across the world starting in Australia! They are most known for their natural products for eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, this is their best cream to get rid of eczema here!

2. Jurlique has been in business since 1985 and has a plant based beauty product regimen. The Biodynamic Line or Purely Age-Defying Line doesn’t contain any mineral oils, parabens, fragrances or any other additives. Most of their facial line is approximately 30 dollars per product

3. Dr. Hauschka’s Skin Care products is all about a holistic view of well-being. Every mineral and plant is carefully selected for the way that it will interact with each other and even the packaging is Eco-friendly in nature. This whole process ensures that the products will stay free of any artificial preservatives or contamination. The products are in the upwards of approximately 50 dollars

4. Lavera has been awarded #1 on safety by an influential consumer magazine in Germany and has been certified by the BDIH in Germany that its products are natural and organic. All of the products from Lavera range approximately 20 to 25 dollars in price.

5. Eminence Organic Line of skin care includes an exquisite product line with fruit pulps and herbs. This product is usually only delivered to salons and spas for application.

6. Juice is a product brand line that is formulated from claims of the most purest ingredients including honey, plant oils, cane sugar and aloe vera. They are always offering web specials and have a vast line of products including products well liked by men.

7. Avon also has a product line that has some natural ingredients and I guess I am kind of partial to their line considering I have always found Avon to be extremely affordable and always up to date on all the latest skin care product trends. Case in point they have a natural line called Planet Spa and while not totally organic it does have natural oils and plant extracts that range from hair to skin products.

As a nurse I guess ultimately I would have to agree that overtime data would probably show that if you used anything in excess which that does include products for hair, skin, or whatever, you most likely would get a reaction. The only thing I would say in response to that, is that could be said about anything and some people can take their fear to an extreme. For example I love bacon, but I don’t plan to stop eating it simply because bacon has been proven to be bad for your health in many ways, including now they say it has been linked to damaging lung functions.

Basically natural organic products are great chemical free products to utilize, especially for those with sensitivities to irritants and fragrances that are contained in many of the standard OTC products that are presently available. I love the usage of raw materials that nature provides vs. the synthetic petroleum based type in which some have been found to contain a cancer causing chemical. Makes a lot of sense to me, how does it sound to you?

Needless to say I am glad the options are there for us to choose from.

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